Pre-Conference Workshop Submissions

Open Now!

One of Flux’s objectives is to provide educational opportunities focused primarily on graduate students and post-docs. Flux workshops offer interactive opportunities for researchers to learn about additional methods, approaches, cognitive abilities, populations, etc. Workshops could also offer professional and career development topics. Flux members are invited to submit proposals for workshops adhering to these educational objectives. The workshops take place on the day before the Congress and should be half or full day (4 or 8 hours) in length.

Important: Workshops are entirely self-funded - thus the cost of room rental, AV, and any refreshments need to be covered via workshop fees or external sources of support separate from Flux. An accepted half-day pre-conference workshop would cost $1,650. An accepted full-day workshop would cost $3,000. Usually this is done by charging a small fee for attendance, but other sources of funding (e.g., an external grant), are also permitted.

Workshop presenters have the opportunity to submit a paper (one for each workshop) to the Flux Society’s journal, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, as a part of the conference special issue published each year following the Flux Annual Congress.

The theme of the conference this year is “Society and the Developing Brain”. Workshops that address this theme will be given special consideration.

Required Submission Questions

  • Prepare a title (255 characters including spaces maximum).
  • Select a category that most closely aligns with your abstract.
  • Submit a proposal including the following and not exceed 4000 characters including spaces:
    • A brief description of the educational goals of the workshop.
    • A brief description of the potential audience of the workshop.
    • An estimated expected number of participants along with a maximum number of participants to be allowed.
    • An abstract describing the material the workshop will cover.
    • A list of the speakers and their institutions/affiliations.
  • Submit the above information in Roman Numeral outline format. This should be a 1-2 page proposal describing all participants in the workshop, what information would be covered and any specific interactive aspects. Include the number of minutes you plan to spend on each outline section.
  • Please include a simple budget in your proposal indicating how the cost would be covered. For example, if you believe that about 40 people will attend your 1/2 day workshop you could charge $40 to each person to attend.
  • Additionally, please indicate which room option you would like for your workshop to be held in. The options are as follows:
    • Theater (rows of chairs) - holds 190 people
    • Classroom (long tables with chairs) - holds 120 people
    • Rounds (round tables with 10 chairs each) - holds 160 people

Submission Categories

  • Attention
  • Brain connectivity
  • Brain function
  • Brain structure
  • Clinical populations
  • Education
  • Environment (stress, SES)
  • Executive functioning
  • Language
  • Learning
  • Mechanisms (hormones, neurotransmitter, physiology)
  • Memory
  • Methods
  • Networks
  • Rewards/Motivation
  • Society & the developing brain
  • Socioemotional processing

Pre-Conference Workshops held on September 27, 2024