2015 Leiden

The 3rd Annual Flux Congress took place at the Stadsgehoorzaal in Leiden, The Netherlands from September 17-19, 2015 and was held in conjunction with a 1.5 day SRCD Meeting which ran from September 16-17. Over 180 delegates from Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, UK and USA attended.

Programs & Speakers

2015 Flux Congress Program Committee

Sarah-Jayne Blakemore (Chair) – University College London
Mark Johnson – University of London
Nick Allen - University of Oregon
Ron Dahl – University of California, Berkeley
Beatriz Luna – University of Pittsburgh
Eveline Crone – Leiden University
Bruce McCandliss – Stanford University


SRCD Meeting

SRCD presents: Social Neuroscience Perspectives on Child Development

September 16-17, 2015
Stadsgehoorzaal Theatre
Leiden, The Netherlands

This 1.5 day meeting will focus on some of the exciting advances in developmental social and affective neuroscience, with a strong emphasis on understanding how social experiences actively shape developing neural systems in children and adolescents. The broad goals of this conference are to promote a more integrative developmental science approach to understanding social and emotional development. The conference will include special sessions for students, invited keynote speakers, a poster session, a symposium on the neuroscience of prosocial development, and a closing panel discussion on future directions for this exciting and rapidly growing field.

SRCD Meeting Program Committee

Ron Dahl (Co-Chair) – University of California, Berkeley
Seth Pollak (Co-Chair) - University of Wisconsin–Madison
Nick Allen - University of Oregon
Eveline Crone – Leiden University
Sarah-Jayne Blakemore – University College London
Jenn Pfeifer - University of Oregon


Executive Committee
Beatriz Luna – President
University of Pittsburgh, USA
Brad Schlaggar – Vice President
Washington University, St. Louis, USA
Silvia Bunge – Executive Secretary
University of California, Berkeley, USA
Bruce McCandliss – Executive Treasurer
Stanford University, USA
Scientific Program Committee
Sarah-Jayne Blakemore  (Chair)
University College London, UK
Mark Johnson
University of London, UK
Nick Allen
University of Oregon, USA
Ron Dahl
University of California, Berkeley, USA
Beatriz Luna
University of Pittsburgh, USA
Eveline Crone
Leiden University, The Netherlands
Bruce McCandliss
Stanford University, USA
Local Organizing Committee
Eveline Crone (Chair)
Leiden University
Anna van Duijvenvoorde
Leiden University
Sarah Durston
Utrecht University
Chantal Kemner
Utrecht University
Lydia Krabbendam
VU Amsterdam
Mariette Huizinga
VU Amsterdam
Hilde Huizenga
University of Amsterdam


Evenline Crone (Local Chair), Henri Lenferink (Mayor of Leiden), Bea Luna (Society President), Local Tourism Reps, Marischal De Armond (Society Administrator)

Conference Stats

#Delegates : 283
#Posters:   142
#Oral Presentations:  26