The Flux Society is pleased to be able to offer awards to support our members at every stage of their careers in developmental cognitive neuroscience.

Outstanding contributions are meant to reflect a holistic set of scientific and social impact metrics. These include traditional metrics of scientific success - originality, excellence, significance, rigorousness - as well as commitment to the to the field, and efforts to engage in science communication and outreach, foster open science and advocacy for diversity and inclusion. The Flux Society values contributions from scientists across the globe and thus encourages nominations within each award for scientists who reflect the diversity of our membership. The Flux Society further values connecting scientific work with the community such as through participatory science efforts, working on inclusion in their laboratories, teaching, and research, or making high quality science more accessible to stakeholders.


To learn more about how to nominate or submit for these awards, click on the links below.

Huttenlocher Award

Linda Spear Mid-Career Award

Young Investigator Award

Dissertation Award

Congress Awards