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The FLUX Congress provides an excellent opportunity for your brand to be exposed to over 250 delegates from the field of developmental cognitive neuroscience.  Differentiate your company from your competitors, increase your company’s visibility or introduce your new products to this unique group of leaders.

Face time with leading scientists

You will have the opportunity to connect with over 250 investigators, researchers, scientists and students actively involved in Neuroscience research and will have an opportunity to build relationships and form valuable partnerships. Conference registration, marketing opportunities, exhibit booths and networking are among the many benefits associated with sponsoring this conference.

Premium branding & positioning opportunity

You will reach your target audience and be recognized as a supporter of the conference and its aims. Set your product, service and brand apart from your competitors – guaranteed visibility on printed materials, advertising, and promotions.

Connect with leading and emerging researchers

You will gain exposure, build relationships, develop partnerships and connect with representatives actively involved in Neuroscience research from across North America and around the world.

Thank you to all of our sponsors!

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The Max Planck Institute for Human Development is dedicated to the study of human development and education. Researchers of various disciplines – including psychology, education, sociology and medicine, as well as history, economics, computer science and mathematics – work together on interdisciplinary projects at the Berlin Institute. The research questions they examine include how people make effective decisions even under time pressure and information overload, which effects the institution of school has on students’ development and learning processes, how the interaction between behaviour and brain function changes over the lifespan, as well as how human emotions change in a historical context and how they have affected the course of history itself.

We are particularly grateful for the support from the German Research Foundation (DFG) enabling us to enhance our scientific aims, including the support for the conference venue and the travel of international speakers.

The Jacobs Foundation supports research and intervention projects leading to significant outcomes for children and youth all over the world. Within our research priority Science of Learning, we explore the biological bases of skill acquisition and development of children and youth and their consequences for learning environments and institutions.

The Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience is the official journal of Flux. The journal publishes theoretical and research papers on cognitive brain development, from infancy through childhood and adolescence and into adulthood. It covers neurocognitive development and neurocognitive processing in both typical and atypical development, including social and affective aspects.