Symposium Submission

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Symposia offer a unique opportunity to present a compelling and timely topic with an integrated perspective. Symposia can be used to present conclusive evidence of a series of studies or to provoke discussion on areas where more work is required. The requirements are high-quality, innovative work within the areas of developmental cognitive neuroscience with integrated human and preferably including animal, postmortem, or computational models proving neural mechanisms.

All symposia are selected by the Scientific Program Committee with priority given to symposia that:

      • Include topics that address novel or currently debated issues
      • Bridge between basic and clinical fields and/or between human, animal, postmortem, or computational modeling work
      • Include a diverse range of speakers that bring unique approaches or perspectives to the topic, with diversity including variation in intellectual perspective or approach, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, age, culture, language, national origin, ability, stage of career, or geographic location
      • Encourage in-depth discussion and debate between presenters and the audience

Flux is supportive of diversity in all it's forms. In particular, one way of ensuring that the content at Flux reflects our multi-faceted global community we are asking that you provide a statement describing the diversity of speakers in submitted symposia.

For accepted symposia, presenters have the opportunity to submit a paper to the Flux Society’s journal, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, as a part of the conference special issue published each year following the Flux Annual Congress.

Symposia sessions will include presentations by 3 (minimum) or 4 (maximum) individual presenters and a moderator that offer unique perspectives on a specific central theme, followed by a moderated, interactive scientific exchange involving the audience. The symposium session should not exceed 75 minutes and allow for sufficient time for the moderated discussion.

The amount of symposia submissions by an individual is unlimited, but an individual cannot be listed for more then one individual speaking role between accepted presentations. If sessions are selected where a speaker is included more than once, the participant will need to find a suitable replacement ro be approved by the program chairs.

Please note:  You will be required to submit information for each symposia presenter with your submission.  

Symposium Submission Guidelines

To submit a proposal, please read and adhere to the submission guidelines below:

General Information

      • Symposia applications will initially be entered by the proposed chair. Each presenter will enter their individual information.
      • The chair will enter in all participants when creating the symposia submission. Once a presenter’s information has been added to a submission, they will receive an email prompting them to enter their individual talk titles and abstract (1500 characters including spaces maximum).
      • Topics related to the educational skill learning, lifespan, alternate methods, positive/negative dynamics of early adolescence, and public policy are already in the Flux 2024 oral program, so other topics will receive priority for consideration.
      • You do not have to be a member of Flux to submit a symposium, but if accepted, you will be required to become a member.

Required Submission Questions

Chair/Moderator Submission Questions:

    1. Prepare a symposium title (255 characters including spaces maximum).
    2. Select a category that most closely aligns with your abstract.
    3. In the Symposia Description and Outline Section, please provide a brief description of the topic, and justify why the proposed topic is novel, contentious, or highly relevant for discussion at Flux. Provide a brief outline of the proposed timing format for a moderated, interactive scientific exchange with the audience, which typically follows on from the individual presentations. Can include potential questions to stimulate discussion. (2000 characters including spaces maximum)
    4. In the Symposia Speakers Section, please enter each speaker’s name. When adding presenters, please first use the search fields to identify those who already have an existing account. If your search results do not display the name of the person you are looking for, click “Add a new participant”.
    5. Indicate who will be the moderator/chair. The chair does not have to be the moderator.
    6. Provide a statement describing the diversity of speakers in this symposium (1000 characters including spaces maximum).
    7. Enter at least 3 keywords and at most 5 keywords to describe the symposium.
    8. Acknowledgement of meeting attendance and membership requirements.

Presenter Submission Questions:

    1. Prepare an individual presentation title (255 characters including spaces maximum).
    2. Each presenter should provide a brief description of how they will offer a unique approach/perspective to the proposed topic (1000 characters including spaces maximum).
    3. Enter at least 3 keywords and at most 5 keywords to describe your individual symposium.
    4. Each presenter should provide their author list.
    5. Provide an individual abstract (1500 characters including spaces maximum per speaker).
    6. Any conflicts of interest should be noted.
    7. Acknowledgement of meeting attendance and membership requirements.

Important Submission Dates

Abstract submission open - February 15th, 2024

Abstract submission close - April 1st, 2024

IMPORTANT: Confirmations of accepted symposia will be issued late April. Any unsuccessful symposia submissions will be able (and are encouraged) to submit their individual abstracts for poster presentation.

Please note: Flux cannot provide support for registration, travel or other expenses for Symposia speakers or organizers