The Cohen Laboratory in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, directed by Dr. Jessica Cohen, is seeking a postdoctoral fellow beginning summer or fall 2020 (specific start date flexible). We investigate how functional brain networks dynamically interact and reconfigure when confronted with changing cognitive demands, when experiencing transformations across development, and when facing disruptions in healthy functioning due to disease. The lab uses behavioral, neuroimaging, and clinical approaches taken from neuroscience, psychology, and mathematics to address our research questions.

We are looking to hire someone with strong computational and image analysis skills, with a focus on brain connectivity. This position is to work on an NIMH-funded project following youth with ADHD longitudinally across the transition from childhood into adolescence to identify trajectories of structural and functional network development that may serve as biomarkers indicating increased risk (or, conversely, decreased risk) for negative outcomes in adolescence. Responsibilities include conducting neuroimaging scans, processing and analyzing neuroimaging and behavioral data, supervising graduate students and research assistants, and preparing manuscripts for publication.

Necessary qualifications include: 1) a Ph.D. in Psychology, Neuroscience or a related field; 2) experience programming, particularly with python, unix and/or matlab; 3) experience with neuroimaging software packages (e.g., FSL, AFNI, SPM); 4) experience with collecting, processing and analyzing functional connectivity data; and 5) a strong publication record. Preference will be given to candidates who additionally have: 1) experience working with children (typically developing and/or with developmental disorders); and 2) experience with advanced analytic techniques (e.g., functional connectivity and graph theory).

Position is for two years, but may be extended.

Interested applicants should submit their CV, a cover letter describing their research interests and career goals, and contact info for 2-3 references to:

Additional information can be found at:

For questions, please contact Dr. Jessica Cohen ().