For its Neurodevelopment, Cognition, and Behavior research program, the Child Development and Behavior Branch at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development seeks a program officer who can develop a portfolio of interdisciplinary research on typical and atypical early neurodevelopment that capitalizes on technological advances in neuroimaging, neuro-genomics, and neuro-assessment to examine interrelated developmental changes in brain structure and function, gene regulation and expression, and complex behavior and cognition, in both human and comparative neurobiology studies. Candidates should possess a strong background in developmental cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging—especially in pediatric populations—with additional expertise in developmental psychology and neuro-genomics with infants and young children.

Read the Scientist Administrator Applicant FAQ (PDF 151 KB) on health scientist administrator and social and behavioral scientist administrator positions to learn more on how to apply.

For additional information about this position, contact James A. Griffin, Ph.D., at with a resume and letter of interest.