The Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences is seeking a Program Assistant for the Addiction Sciences Division. The candidate will work with Drs. Squeglia and Gray as a Program Assistant on the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study, a large-scale project to study child and adolescent health, behavior, and brain functioning. The candidate will be responsible for executing all tasks associated with the ABCD protocol which include neuroimaging, neurocognitive assessments, and clinical interview or self-report measures designed to assess eligibility criteria, psychopathology, medical health, social relationships, personality, and substance use. The participant will work with both youth and their parents.

This is a fantastic opportunity for people that wish to eventually pursue a graduate degree (e.g., PhD or Masters in Clinical Psychology or Neuroscience, attend medical school).

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Questions about this position should be directed to our lab manager, Cori Herring, at