Project Directors: Drs. Richard Aslin, Sara Sanchez-Alonso and Nicholas Turk-Browne

Qualified individuals are invited to apply for a full-time Postgraduate Associate (PGA) position in the Child Study Center of Yale’s School of Medicine. The successful candidate will work with the three project directors on a research study supported by a National Science Foundation grant entitled “Development of language-related neural networks using multimodal imaging.”  The NSF grant uses both fMRI and fNIRS, simultaneously and separately, to measure functional brain connectivity in infants and children ranging in age from 12 months to 7 years.

Drs. Aslin and Sanchez-Alonso are members of the Language-Learning and Multisensory Brain (LLAMB) lab, co-directed by Dr. David Lewkowicz ( The LLAMB lab investigates the cognitive and neural bases of language learning and development using behavioral (eye-tracking) and neuroimaging (fMRI, EEG and fNIRS) techniques in typically developing infants, children, and adults, and in collaboration with Dr. Katarzyna Chawarska studies of toddlers with Autism.  Dr. Turk-Browne is the Director of the Wu Tsai Institute ( and uses cutting-edge neuroimaging methods to study learning and memory in adults and infants (


 Under the primary mentorship of Dr. Richard Aslin, the PGA will be guided through project tasks which include: (1) all aspects of research such as data collection, analyses, writing, and academic presentations; (2) coordinating participant recruitment and human subjects protocols under the direction of Dr. Sara Sanchez-Alonso; (3) gaining knowledge about general aspects of neuroimaging techniques under the direction of Dr. Nicholas Turk-Browne, including the opportunity to sit-in on lectures and workshops, and (4) attending meetings with collaborators who assist the research team in carrying out their grant-support research.


 The LLAMB lab has weekly meetings where participants discuss recent research articles on various aspects of behavioral and neural development.  The Turk-Browne lab also has weekly meetings where students present their on-going research projects.  The PGA will attend these meetings, learning from our colleagues, and have the opportunity to present their own research as they become engaged in specific projects.  Past PGAs have been co-authors on joint publications and have presented their work as posters at scientific conferences.  Opportunities to attend technical workshops and summer schools are also encouraged.  The three co-directors offer informal seminars that cover many professional development topics, including (a) graduate school preparation and networking/professional engagement; (b) research design, methodology, and statistical analysis; and (c) diversity, equity, and inclusion in research and practice.

Eligibility Requirements

 The successful candidate will work with Drs. Aslin, Sanchez-Alonso, and Turk-Browne, their postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and other staff members to plan and execute data collection for the NSF grant and other on-going projects in their labs.  The position involves on-site data collection at both the LLAMB lab and the multi-modal imaging facilities in the Discovery Center of the Wu Tsai Institute ( using both fNIRS and fMRI methodologies.  The LLAMB lab and the Discovery Center are in adjacent buildings connected by a skyway.  Recruitment of infant and child participants is facilitated by the Yale Baby School (, a collaboration with the Yale Child Study Centerand the Yale Psychology Department.

Requirements for this position include:

  • BA or BS in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience or related fields
  • Experience with neuroimaging techniques (EEG, fMRI, or fNIRS)

Additional relevant skills include:

  • Experience with human research, particularly with infants or children
  • Experience with neuroimaging data analysis software (e.g., FSL, Freesurfer, MNE, NeuroDot)
  • Experience with statistical analysis (e.g., SPSS, R, Matlab)
  • Experience with eye-tracking devices (Eye-Link, Tobii)
  • Experience with experimental presentation software packages (e.g., E-Prime, Presentation, PsychoPy)
  • Experience with on-line data collection platforms (Mturk, Prolific, Lookit)
  • Experience with data management software (e.g., FileMakerPro, REDCap, Qualtrics)

The anticipated start-date is July 1, 2023.  Please note that the university has a COVID vaccination and booster requirement for all students, staff & faculty which is described in the COVID-19 Vaccine Program. You are required to comply with the Vaccine Program prior to the first day of your Yale appointment. Should you not be eligible for the Booster at this time, you will be required to receive your booster within seven (7) days of your eligibility. Please see the Yale COVID-19 Vaccine Program for information on how to schedule a vaccination and/or how to Submit or Confirm your vaccination documentation. For up-to-date university information on COVID-19, please visit:

Application Process

 Interested applicants should contact Dr. Richard Aslin by email with a cover letter, resume, copy of (unofficial) transcripts, and the names of three potential references (  Please note “PGA position”, in the subject line of your email.  Review of applications will begin on March 15 and the position will remain open until filled.

This is a 1-year position, but we expect funding to continue for at least 2 years and encourage applicants to commit to a 2-year appointment, which is advantageous for creating a strong resume for admission to PhD programs and further career development.

Compensation is commensurate with skills and experience.  Yale University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.