A postdoctoral research fellow position is available in Dr. Im’s research team
(https://projects.iq.harvard.edu/neuroim) in the Fetal-Neonatal Neuroimaging & Developmental Science
Center at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital. Dr. Im’s project has focused on
developing and analyzing quantitative neuroimaging (structural, diffusion, and functional MRI) features
in human fetuses and patients with genetic brain malformations and psychiatric/neurological brain
disorders. Our research goal is to provide unique and biologically relevant imaging biomarkers that help
us better understand normal and abnormal brain development and aid in the detection and diagnosis of
disease. To achieve that goal, we aim to develop advanced fetal/neonatal MRI processing techniques.

A postdoctoral researcher will develop a novel fetal structural/diffusion/functional MRI processing or
analytic method using advanced mathematical, statistical, or deep learning techniques; investigate
fetal/neonatal brain development (e.g., cortical plate and subplate thickness and cortical surface
growth, brain development prediction) using surface-based and deep learning-based methods.

The Im lab is in the Fetal- Neonatal Neuroimaging and Developmental Science Center
(https://www.fnndsc.org) where world-renowned professional researchers study brain development using
various neuroimaging techniques such as MRI, Magnetoencephalography (MEG), and Near-Infrared
Spectroscopy (NIRS) in fetuses, neonates, infants, and patients with developmental brain disorders. Thus,
the postdoctoral researcher will also have great opportunities for various collaborations.

The candidates should have
- Ph.D degree in engineering or computer science
- Proficiency in programming, such as C++, Python, and Matlab
- Proficiency in a Linux environment, scripting.
- Strong publication record and high self-motivation
- Expertise in structural MRI processing and analysis (Experience of diffusion/functional
MRI analysis is a plus) or machine learning/deep learning

To apply for this position, please send your CV, the list of 2~3 references with contact information, and a
cover letter describing your research interests, most notable publications, and career goals to Kiho Im,

You can find more information about our research and publications from the link below