NIMH T32 Postdoctoral Fellowship for Translational Research in Child Psychiatric Disorders

 Employer: Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Location: New York, NY, USA
Positions available: July 1, 2022

NIMH funded postdoctoral training fellowships are available to child psychiatrists, psychiatrists, neuroscientists, and psychologists to conduct translational research in childhood psychiatric disorders, which includes basic science developments leading to treatments and examining the bridge between treatments developed in the lab setting to community settings. Trainees are expected to conduct research in areas that could range from studying animal models of neurodevelopmental conditions to conducting clinical trials and studying implementation and dissemination of evidence based treatments in the community. The training program is designed to impart the training and skills necessary for submitting a competitive career development (K) award. The emphasis on translational research necessitates interdisciplinary input into each trainee’s education and strong programmatic oversight to ensure that each trainee has the cognitive and technological tools required for success in their present and future research endeavors. The program welcomes applicants interested in focusing on understudied populations including racial/ethnic minorities or persons with disabilities. Trainees will be mentored in core domains of translational research in child psychiatry including: (1) the NIMH Research Domain Criteria, (2) translational neuroscience, (3) biostatistics, 4) research design, management, and ethics, 5) scientific writing, 6) oral presentation, and 7) grant preparation. The T32 Training program is led by a group of internationally recognized researchers with strong records in basic neuroscience, neuroimaging, psychopharmacology, epidemiology, and clinical trials research including psychological and psychopharmacological interventions and prevention research. Some faculty include: Randy Auerbach, PhD, William Fifer, PhD, Cristiane Duarte, PhD, Madelyn Gould, PhD, Rachel Marsh, PhD, Catherine Monk, PhD, Laura Mufson, PhD, and Jeremy Veenstra-VanderWeele, MD. Candidates can elect to work in any of the numerous basic neuroscience, epidemiology, or clinical treatment laboratories affiliated with the program.

Columbia University is an Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Employer encouraging women, minorities, economically disadvantaged, and persons with disabilities to apply.

The position requires applicants to be citizens or permanent residents of the United States. Both M.Ds and Ph.Ds are eligible to apply.

Interested applicants should submit their CV and a personal statement describing their research interests and career goals by November 1, 2021 to:

Christina Claudio
1051 Riverside Drive, Unit 78, Child Psychiatry
Columbia University/NYSPI
New York, NY 10032