We are seeking outstanding postdoctoral candidates and/or engineers for research in brain-machine interfacing and restoration of sensorimotor function via electrical stimulation of the nervous system. We have multiple ongoing projects applicants could get involved with spanning BMI-controlled neuroprosthetics, deep brain stimulation, peripheral nerve stimulation, and intracortical microstimulation. Our primary project is an NIH R01-funded project that is part of a larger government funded clinical trial (ReHAB: Reconnecting the Hand and Arm to the Brain) to restore arm function to paralyzed individuals by using their intracortical brain signals to control peripheral nerve stimulators that reanimate their paralyzed muscles. The specific focus of this five-year NIH-funded project (PIs: Drs. Dawn Taylor and Bolu Ajiboye) is to improve brain-controlled limb movements by more effectively modulating limb stiffness (i.e. degree of co-contraction of antagonist muscle) to improve limb stability while also minimizing muscle fatigue. Additionally, we have new funding for restoring proprioception via intracortical microstimulation in area 3a in non-human primate models. We also are conducting research into improving deep brain stimulation and alternative peripheral neurostimulation therapies for Parkinson’s’ disease.

Research activities include working with animal models and humans as well as neural and biomechanical simulations.  Ideal candidates will have experience/familiarity in some or all of the following: neural recordings in non-human primates and/or humans; cortical and/or peripheral nerve stimulation for restoration of movement and sensation; real-time neural signal processing; writing custom programs to control multiple pieces of hardware and control objects in a virtual environment (matlab skills preferred); computational or biomechanical modeling. An advanced degree in Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Neurosciences is preferred but other applicants will be considered.

This is a great opportunity to work with our large interdisciplinary team of researchers, engineers and clinicians to gain a wide range of skills beneficial for your future neural or rehab-related career.  Interested candidates should submit their curriculum vitae to Dawn Taylor, PhD (dawn.taylor@case.edu). The Cleveland Clinic is an equal opportunity employer, and we encourage applications from a diverse range of candidates.