The Larsen Lab for the Adolescent Brain is seeking two postdoctoral fellows to join our team at the University of Minnesota’s Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain (MIDB). These positions will focus on exciting areas of work that investigate the interplay between biological processes, neurodevelopment, and mental health in adolescents. Postdocs will have the opportunity to work with multimodal neuroimaging data, including ultra-high field 7T MRI, and have incredible flexibility to design and lead new research projects.

Current areas of research emphasis include:

  • Brain iron content and the dopaminergic system: Investigate the role of iron in the development of the brain’s dopaminergic system during youth using cutting-edge ultra-high field 7T MRI.
  • Iron deficiency and adolescent neurodevelopment: Investigate the impact of iron deficiency, a prevalent concern during adolescence, on brain structure and function, and its link to cognitive development.
  • Critical period plasticity and adolescent cortical development: Use multimodal neuroimaging approaches to investigate the development of critical period plasticity mechanisms such as excitation-inhibition balance and intracortical myelination (
  • Sex differences and pubertal influences on adolescent development: Explore sex-specific factors that contribute to brain development and mental health outcomes

Interested applicants can contact PI directly at

Position: Postdoc
Name of PI: Bart Larsen
Name of Lab: Larsen Laboratory for the Adolescent Brain
Location: University of Minnesota