Dr. Brenden Tervo-Clemmens, Assistant Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Graduate Program in Neuroscience, University of Minnesota is recruiting postdocs through the T32 Training Program in Genetic and Neurobehavioral Mechanisms of Addiction at the University of Minnesota. The postdoc will work on adolescent substance use research with neuroimaging and computational models of behavior in big data and SUD patient studies. The Tervo-Clemmens lab is also  engaged in methodological work aiming to evaluate and improve the reproducibility and ultimately, clinical and policy utility, of large-scale fMRI and behavioral assessment research in neurodevelopmental studies. Team members will be part of the multidisciplinary Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain, with connections to the University of Minnesota Dept of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Graduate Program in Neuroscience, Dept of Psychology, and Minnesota Supercomputing Institute.

Inquiries can be sent to Dr. Tervo-Clemmens directly: btervocl@umn.edu