The Maryland Neuroimaging Center at the University of Maryland, College Park, is hiring a second, full-time FA/MRI Technologist.  This MNC FA will assist the lead MR Technologist and the MR Physicist as needed in the ongoing use of the MRI machine. The primary duties and responsibilities of the job include: Scan research participants and phantoms in various MRI scanning environments; assist the MR Tech to 1. coordinate and manage scan scheduling/room reservations; 2. keep the scanners and control areas supplied and neat; 3. oversee and maintain the highest standard of safety in the MRI environment for research participants, the UMD staff and equipment; 4. resolve scan and other equipment malfunction issues expeditiously; 5. train users on safety procedures; and 6. coordinate and conduct education events and/or tours for student users and the community. The MNC FA will also assist the MNC Director of Operations and Finance in the areas of procurement, website updates, building/door access, and special projects as needed.  Must be able to work evenings and weekends.

Best consideration date 5/12/2023.

To apply: