Position Description:

This position will be filled by an established scholar with a focused, innovative research program examining the genetics of IDDs utilizing advanced -omics strategies. Studies of etiological processes related to IDDs have documented a diverse range of factors, including highly penetrant genetic risk variants, polygenic mechanisms involving common genetic variation, and multiple epigenetic contributors. Many (if not all) of these risk factors is associated with a broad range of phenotypic outcomes that cut across traditional boundaries of behaviorally defined disorders. This complex picture demands multidisciplinary strategies and state-of-the-art omics approaches to better determine how the myriad of genetic variants and molecular mechanisms associated with IDDs relate to clinical traits and may inform more individualized therapeutic approaches. This faculty hire will have an established program of research examining the complex etiological factors related to IDDs and the diverse phenotypes associated with these conditions. The faculty hire will be expected to lead and grow these approaches at KU and KUMC and collaborate with a range of scholars across disciplines and research foci.

To apply: http://www.employment.ku.edu/academic/23698BR

Closing date: 12/01/2022

For more information, contact the search co-chairs Matt Mosconi (mosconi@ku.edu) OR John Colombo (colombo@ku.edu)