Position Title: Ph.D Concentration in Educational Neuroscience at Vanderbilt
Description: Vanderbilt University invites applications from talented students for our PhD concentration in Educational Neuroscience, beginning Fall 2020. Women and members of minority groups under-represented in academia are especially encouraged to apply.
Our students have access to outstanding training in Neuroscience, Psychology, and Education through faculty and resources distributed across Peabody College and the Vanderbilt Brain Institute.
Key strengths of the program are:
• Our faculty provide multiple topical approaches to Educational Neuroscience. We conduct cutting-edge research in reading, language, numeracy, multisensory and cognitive processing, and learning and development. Collaborative research and cross-disciplinary training are a core foundation of the program. • We use methods from multiple levels of analysis. From eye-tracking, to psychophysiological methods, to assessments of neurobiology with EEG and fMRI, our research addresses core issues of education and learning at multiple levels of description. We also offer advanced quantitative training through an optional quantitative methods minor, taught by our eminent quant group. • World-class neuroimaging facilities. Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science (VUIIS) offers state-of-the-art neuroimaging resources, including two 3T and one 7T research dedicated fMRI scanners, all recently upgraded. VUIIS is situated at the heart of Vanderbilt’s campus making access a breeze. • Graduate students are fully funded. The program provides up to 5 years of funding for students in good standing.
Living in Nashville is great because: dynamic neighborhoods, theatre, and history, art
• The city is affordable and vibrant. Nashville, also known as ‘Music City’, has one of the most vibrant and energetic music scenes in the country, covering all genres of music. Nashville also boasts one of the nation’s fastest growing food scenes and was recently named an “It city” by the New York Times. Nashville is home to and NHL team (Predators), an NFL team (Titans), and soon to be an MLS Team. We have a symphony hall, an opera, a nationally rated ballet, art museums, and multiple theatre venues. Not to mention endless historical sites and a wealth of outdoor activities that allow you to take advantage of our great weather. Anything you want can be found in Nashville!
Application Deadline: December 1. Applications can be made online at (apply.vanderbilt.edu/apply/)
Core faculty members include:
• Marcia Barnes
• James Booth
• Laurie Cutting
• Kate Humphreys
• Gavin Price
For more information, check out: peabody.vanderbilt.edu/research/pro/vanderbilt_research/educational_neuroscience/faculty.php
Closing Date: December 1st, 2019