Position title and description: Clinical Research Specialist (Research Assistant) Category: Research Assistants / Technicians Name of lab: CIRCLE Lab at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Name of supervisor: Margaret Sheridan/Kimberly Carpenter Closing date: November 26th, 2020
Join the Study of Toddler to Teenager Anxiety and Resiliency (STTAR) team! STTAR is a new 5-year study where we will be recruiting up to 917 adolescents who were first seen at the Duke Center for Developmental Epidemiology when they were between 2-5 years old. The goal of STTAR is to better understand how experiences in early childhood can shape brain development and outcomes in adolescence. The Clinical Research Specialist, Sr. (CRS or research assistant/RA) will have the opportunity to work with a team of faculty from Duke University (Kimberly Carpenter), UNC Chapel Hill (Margaret Sheridan), NYU (Helen Egger), and University of Vermont(Bill Copeland). They will be assisting in the activities of the Duke University site of the study, which will include 1) Finding and re-contacting original Duke Preschool Study participants; 2) Consenting them for the current study; 3) Completing online surveys with participants; 4) Scheduling imaging/diagnostic assessments; 5) Assisting the UNC study team in collecting and analyzing MRI data; 6) Completing structured diagnostic interviews; and 7) Supporting the study team in the preparation of conference abstracts, manuscripts, and grants as appropriate. Furthermore, the CRS will be expected to contribute to team meetings, help with IRB and grant reporting needs, and will assist in any additional day-to-day duties as needed to support the study team. Finally, this individual will also have the opportunity to participate in the supervision of undergraduate students on the study team. This is a full-time position with benefits. The position requires a bachelor’s degree, three professional references, and a passion for contributing to our understanding of childhood/adolescent mental health and brain development. While previous research experience is a bonus, it is not required. We value candidates who are dedicated and motivated to learn and grow with our study. In that light, please make sure all relevant experience (e.g. working with children or adolescents in a non-research setting, customer service experience, etc.) is in your application materials and feel free to share how non-traditional experiences make you well qualified for this position.
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