The Hoeft Cognitive Neuroscience Lab (<> PI: Fumiko Hoeft MD PhD) at the UCSF Dept of Psychiatry and Weill Institute for Neurosciences is looking for a full-time postdoctoral fellow for a large-scale neuroimaging project investigating language, literacy and cognitive development (R01HD078351; 2015-2021). This specific research program is an experiment of nature taking exposure to multiple languages and writing systems as an experimental model to examine perturbation of neural networks related to language, literacy and cognition as young children entering formal schooling are exposed to multiple languages such as English, Spanish and Cantonese. The successful candidate will have a PhD in cognitive neuroscience, computer science, psychology, linguistics or a closely related field, exceptional skills in neuroimaging primarily MRI, theoretical foundation of cognitive and language development, computational and programming skills, and organizational skills. Additional skills and interests in EEG, MEG and neuromodulation techniques, are a plus. Compensation is ABOVE the NIH pay scale for postdoctoral fellows. Appointments are made on an annual basis with the ideal candidate interested in staying for a least 2 to 3 years. Postdoctoral fellows are represented by UC Postdoc Union and enjoy competitive benefit packages.
The Hoeft Cognitive Neuroscience Lab is a rapidly growing interdisciplinary research environment that applies cutting-edge neuroimaging techniques, genetic analysis, and computational approaches to examine language, literacy and socio-emotional (motivation) development, and the etiology of neurodevelopmental disorders such as dyslexia. We also examine intergenerational transmission as well as gene-environment interactions on cognition and brain networks. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to be involved in other grant funded-research projects in the laboratory, outreach and community engagement projects, and access to a wealth of archival developmental and longitudinal neuroimaging data on language and literacy.
The position can begin immediately. Interested candidates should email with “[Postdoc job]” and the applicant’s full name in the subject of the email, with (a) a current CV, (b) a one-page cover letter describing qualifications, interest, and career goals, and (c) a list of 3 potential referees with their contact information attached.
The University of California, San Francisco is a premier biomedical research institution, ranked second in the world for Neuroscience and Behavior by US News. UCSF has outstanding resources for cognitive neuroscience research, including a research-dedicated Siemens Prisma 3T MRI scanner in addition to shared 3T and 7T GE scanners, MEG, EEG and TMS equipment. The laboratory enjoys close collaborations with other research groups in CA such as UC Berkeley and Stanford and other UC schools, and national (e.g. Haskins Labs, Yale University, UConn) and international collaborations (e.g. BCBL, U Michigan, U British Columbia).
The San Francisco Bay Area is a vibrant, multi-cultural city, ranked one of the most walkable cities in the US. In addition to the area’s outstanding cultural attractions and cuisine, the unique beauty of redwood forests, coastal cliffs, wine country and natural preserves is less than an hour from the city.
Postdoctoral scholars from our lab have gone onto a range of research faculty and imaging director positions at institutions such as Boston College, University of Connecticut, University of Texas and Stanford University.