Applied Statistician for Neuroimaging, Genomics, and Big Longitudinal Data Analytics in Population Neuroscience Cohorts: University of California, San Diego
The collaborative team of the Population Neuroscience and Genetics (PoNG) Lab and the Center for Multimodal Imaging and Genetics (CMIG) at the University of California, San Diego is seeking several talented statisticians and bioinformaticians for postdoctoral positions to work on high dimensional, multimodal data, including neuroimaging, genomics, and longitudinal clinical assessments. The ideal candidate will be motivated to make a substantive scientific impact on ongoing large-scale neuroimaging and/or genomic related research as a part of several large national and international research studies.
The profile of research organization The NIH-funded PoNG Lab, directed by Drs. Chun Fan and Wes Thompson, is involved with multiple international research projects including large imaging and genetics studies from the US, Scandinavia, and Taiwan. CMIG, directed by Dr. Anders Dale, is a pioneer in the development of methods for quantitative analysis of large-scale studies of imaging and genetics. CMIG leads the Data Analysis, Informatics, and Resource Center for Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study(r). The ABCD Study is the largest long-term study of brain development and child health in the United States. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) funds leading researchers in the fields of adolescent development and neuroscience to conduct this ambitious project. The ABCD Research Consortium consists of a Coordinating Center, a Data Analysis, Informatics & Resource Center, and 21 research sites across the country, which have enrolled 11,880 children ages 9-10 and their families in the study. Researchers will track their biological and behavioral development through adolescence into young adulthood. The research team have strong track records in publishing high impact papers in top tier journals, including Science, Nature, Neuron, and JAMA. Our highly collaborative, interdisciplinary, and international team have been successfully pushing the frontiers in both method development and domain specific research for large scale neuroscience data.
Job description The postdoctoral fellows will work as part of a multi-institution team to develop and apply advanced statistical methods for analyzing multimodal behavioral, neuroimaging, and genetic data, with the goal of understanding the complex interplays between brain and behaviors in the context of human development.
Contact Information Qualified applicants may contact Dr. Fan (<>) or Dr. Thompson (<>).
Qualifications Necessary qualifications
* Background in applied statistics or bioinformatics and high-dimensional data analytics * A relevant PhD degree or equivalent qualifications * Computational expertise in analyzing high-dimensional data, e.g. GWAS, Neuroimaging, large scale EHR mining. * Experience with programming in MATLAB, R, and/or Python
Preferred qualifications
* Experience in Neuroimaging and/or Genomics * Experience in developing methods for high-dimensional data analysis * Experience in analyzing multivariate longitudinal and survival data
Personal qualifications
* Strong drive to obtain established goals * Excellent collaborative, communication and presentation skills * Scientifically self-motivated and creative * Ability to work both independently and in structured groups * Open-minded and analytical personality * Focus on making a real scientific impact on high-visibility projects