The University of Chicago: Cognitive Neuroscience Lab Manager Position

About the position: The laboratory of Akram Bakkour will be established in the Department of Psychology at The University of Chicago in July 2020. We are searching for a Lab Manager to join the team. Research in the Bakkour Memory and Decision Lab ( focuses on the cognitive and neural mechanisms by which memory contributes to and is influenced by decision-making. The research tools and techniques used by the Bakkour Lab include behavioral studies (in person and online), functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), eyetracking, and neuropsychological studies in special patient populations (e.g., amnesic patients, patients with Parkinson’s Disease, and patients with eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa).

We seek a Lab Manager to help establish the new lab in Chicago both administratively and scientifically. This individual will help develop and oversee compliance policies and protocols (IRBs), order and set up lab equipment and supplies, recruit participants (including patients in coordination with clinical units), maintain participant records (e.g., consent forms, screening forms), help design and maintain the lab website, schedule lab meetings, and perform other day-to-day lab management tasks. In addition to these administrative responsibilities, this individual will also conduct research under the guidance and supervision of the Principal Investigator, including an independent project (which will involve conceptualization, data collection, analysis, presentation of results, writing, and paper submission). Other research responsibilities include training and assisting lab members with data collection and technical troubleshooting. This is a particularly exciting opportunity for someone who wants to be part of a growing team where they are valued for their scientific as well as their managerial contribution. This position will provide useful training for individuals who are considering graduate school.

This is a one-year position, but a commitment of two years is strongly preferred. There will be the possibility of renewal on a yearly basis beyond the initial two years. The start date will ideally be between 7/1/2020 and 10/1/2020. Review of applications will start immediately and will continue until the position is filled.

Qualifications: The successful applicant must be eligible to work in the United States and have a Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, or a related field. Candidates must have strong technical qualifications including proficiency in programming (e.g., Python, JavaScript, MATLAB), working knowledge of statistics (e.g., running basic statistical tests in R, Python, Julia), and fluency in office productivity software (e.g., word processor, slide presentations, spreadsheets). Candidates must be organized and detail-oriented, able to exercise good judgement and take initiative, able to work independently as well as collaboratively, and possess excellent communication skills. Knowledge of human research protocols (IRBs, consent forms, HIPAA) is preferred, but not required. Prior research experience (especially in a cognitive neuroscience lab studying memory and/or decision making) is also preferred.

How to apply: Please email the following (preferably in a single PDF) to Dr. Bakkour (): 1. A brief cover letter describing your research interest, your technical skills, your past research experience (if any), and why this position is right for you. 2. Your CV. 3. Contact information of 3 professional references (e.g., past research mentors, professors).