Stanford Graduate School of Education seeks a full-time Research Coordinator to join a new initiative that brings together elementary school education and neuroscience research on how the brain changes with learning. This position will provide central support in organizing, conducting, and analyzing research lead by the Primary Investigator in coordination with his lab of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows and in partnership with local schools and faculty from other Stanford departments. This role will provide a range of research support to this new initiative and the Principal Investigator. Primary responsibilities include: directly conduct and coordinate data collection efforts for a child and adult research protocols, develop lab protocols for data sharing, storage, and analysis, develop new experimental materials for children including computerized tasks and stimulus sets, maintain detailed and organized research records, submit and renew materials to the Institutional Review Board (IRB), and train other new researchers in lab procedures. This position will report directly to the Principal Investigator leading this important initiative. If interested, please submit an application through the Stanford Careers job post. Position category: Staff Name of lab: Stanford Educational Neuroscience Initiative Name of supervisor: Bruce McCandliss Closing date: Open until filled