Applications are invited for a post-doctoral position to join a project on early sensorimotor development in typical infants. This position involves a collaboration with a developmental imaging neuroscientist (PI Jessica Dubois, inDev team, NeuroDiderot Unit, NeuroSpin center, Paris-Saclay, France) and a developmental cognitive psychologist (Marianne Barbu-Roth, PACD team, INCC, Paris, France).

The project aims to explore brain maps related to body representations (somatotopic maps) and assess the effect of early intervention on their plasticity and maturation. The post-doctoral research will focus on longitudinal brain mapping in infants using advanced magnetic resonance imaging (3T multimodal MRI). The neuroimaging explorations will then be compared with the neurodevelopmental follow-up of infants. The project will contribute to a better understanding of the neural bases of sensorimotor development in normal conditions and may open perspectives for clinical applications and interventions in newborns at risk of sensorimotor disorders.

The post-doc will benefit from an exceptional research environment for the study of human neurodevelopment, interacting with teams of complementary expertise. For more details on this position and the application process, please e-mail Jessica Dubois ().