Dr. Shulamite Green’s SCAN (Sensory, cognitive, and affective neurodevelopment) Lab at UCLA is seeking a postdoctoral fellow for multiple neuroimaging studies focused on altered sensory development in children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders and those with early caregiving adversity. We are seeking an independent, highly motivated candidate to help manage, analyze, and write up data for these studies with opportunities to start developing their own research program. Ongoing projects include a new R01 focused on longitudinal sensory processing development in children with and without autism; a study comparing the neural bases of sensory processing atypicalities in children with autism compared to those adopted from foster care, a proof-of-mechanism study testing a candidate drug for sensory over-responsivity, and a large, multi-site study of girls and boys with autism during transition to adulthood. Candidates should have a PhD in psychology, neuroscience, or a related field. This is a research-focused position with an emphasis on analyzing and publishing data; however there are opportunities for clinical training as well and Dr. Green is a licensed clinical psychologist who can sign off on clinical hours if needed for psychology licensure. Strong expertise in fMRI data analysis and computational skills are highly preferred, and experience analyzing psychophysiological (heart rate and skin conductance) and/or neuromodulation (TMS) data are also beneficial. Interested candidates should email a cover letter, CV, transcripts (unofficial is ok), and name/contact information of three references to Dr. Shulamite Green ()<mailto:)>. Lab website: scanlab.dgsom.ucla.edu/pages/<Lab%20website:%20https:/scanlab.dgsom.ucla.edu/pages> Required: PhD. in Psychology /Neuroscience or related fields Demonstrated capacity to work independently with minimal supervision as well as ability to work collaboratively in a team Ability to assess situations and problem-solve using own judgment Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing, with other researchers, staff, students, and PIs, as well as with research participants and their parents Experience interacting with children and/or adolescents Experience collecting and analyzing behavioral and MRI data Strong writing skills and experience with publishing neuroimaging data Preferred: Experience coordinating research studies with vulnerable/clinical populations Ability to multi-task and work in parallel on multiple projects Knowledge of graphics programs (e.g., PhotoShop) and statistical software (e.g., SysStat, SPSS, R) Knowledge of UNIX operating system and MRI analysis software (e.g., FSL, AFNI) Experience with R, Matlab, or other programming systems Experience collecting and analyzing psychophysiological and TMS data Interested candidates should email a cover letter, CV, transcripts (unofficial is ok), and name and contact information of three references to Dr. Shulamite Green (<mailto:>).