We are seeking a data manager (DM) as part of an NIH funded research project that uses MRI techniques to examine brain development from the beginning of human life. The DM will support organization and quality assurance of large-scale, longitudinal behavioral and MRI data sets. In parallel, the RA will support analysis of data to test hypotheses linking early brain biomarkers to neurobehavioral development, using data collected in children across the first 5 years of life. The project PI is Dr. Moriah Thomason, more info at: www.babybees.org.

The RA will receive training in pediatric multi-modal MRI data collection and analysis. MRI modalities utilized in the lab include DTI, functional MRI, graph theory resting-state connectivity fMRI, spectroscopy and volumetric analyses. Historically, those that have held this position for two or more years have also authored abstracts and research papers that result from the work and have been given opportunities to attend research conferences.