Dear Flux Members,

We have prepared the following statement for those who would like to inform their legislators as to the crisis at hand regarding the separation of children from their parents at the US border. The Flux leadership is actively pursuing approaches to inform the legislature and will keep our members informed.

The Flux Society for Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience joins our colleague societies with expertise in pediatric development (e.g., Society for Research in Child Development, Child Neurology Society, International Society for Developmental Psychobiology, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychology, American Academy of Pediatrics, International Society for Developmental Psychobiology, and others) to critically alert the public and legislators regarding the effects on development of heightened stress and trauma on children resulting from separation from their family and caregivers. Members of the Flux Society are PhD and MD professionals and trainees with expertise in understanding the link between brain maturation and cognitive development. There is a wealth of scientific evidence indicating that the brain is undergoing critical maturation through infancy, childhood, and adolescence, when experience and, in particular, trauma and isolation resulting from separation from parental care and from incarceration, will have lasting adverse effects on how the brain matures. This scientific evidence indicates that brain structures that underlie cognitive, learning, social, and emotional systems are particularly affected by stress and trauma creating a significant risk for negative consequences that span from disadvantages thriving as adults to incapacitation from serious mental illness.

Here’s a link from Fluxer Dylan Gee informing the public on this important matter.

Flux members can attend this webinar from SRDC this Thursday, where Flux board member Nim Tottenham will be a panelist.

Flux Board

Bea Luna, President
Brad Schlaggar, Vice President
Bruce McCandliss, Executive Treasurer
Eveline Crone, Board Member
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Nim Tottenham, Board Member