Oregon is #1 in breweries per capita. So we thought, when in Rome…This year’s Flux Congress excursion will be held at the Portland Brewing Company Taproom.

Portland Brewing Company Taproom

At the Taproom, choice reigns supreme. More than 12 beers are available on tap, including year-round, seasonal, and taproom exclusive styles. We’re sure you’ll find just the brew to celebrate Flux 2017!

Tickets are $45 and include a buffet dinner, beer to sample and brewery tours running every half hour (minimum 5 people required per tour).

About the Portland Brewing Company

Beers made by Portland Brewing have won many awards, including gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival, gold, silver, and bronze medals at the World Beer Championships, and a silver medal at the world beer cup in 2016. Beers made by Portland Brewing include MacTarnahan’s Amber Ale, Noble Scot Scottish style ale, and BlackWatch Cream Porter.

Governator Ale was an American Extra special bitter made in 2004 to commemorate the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor of California. The product was discontinued shortly after its introduction in response to complaints from Schwarzenegger’s attorneys.

Oregon Beer by the Numbers

$2.25 billion

Total economic impact from the beer industry on Oregon’s economy

2nd Largest

Oregon is the second largest producer of craft beer in the U.S.

2nd Largest

Oregon is the second largest hop-growing state in the country


Jobs created by Oregon breweries over the last five years


Current brewing companies in Oregon operating 96 brewing facilities


of the total beer consumed in Oregon in 2008 was Oregon craft beer- the highest percentage of local craft beer consumption in the country

9.9% up to 12%

Oregon-brewed beer consumed in Oregon over the last five years

#1 in US

Portland metro area is the largest craft brewing market in the US


Breweries operating in Portland, more than any other city in the world

History of Beer in Oregon

The first brewery was established in Portland in 1852. Today Oregon is at the vanguard for craft brewing. The state counts more than ninety breweries, leads the nation in microbeer drinkers, has one of two colleges in the country that condones brewing beer as an academic pursuit, displays a trophy case with too many top medals at the Great American Beer Festival to mention and is the second leading hops producer in the country. Recently, even while the economy has been contracting, craft brewing in Oregon has been expanding. As Oregonians strive for a locally driven food model, the state has become the largest commercial market for locally crafted beers. In 2009 alone, the state added ten new breweries.