Flux Diversity Working Group

The Flux Diversity Working Group (DWG) provides a forum for our members to engage with issues of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion within the field of developmental cognitive neuroscience. First, we seek to provide affinity spaces and other supports for our members who identify with one or more traditionally marginalized groups in neuroscience. Second, we work to enhance the capacity of all Flux members to acknowledge, interrogate, and redress the historical and ongoing systemically oppressive forces that have limited the quality, accuracy, and generalizability of our research. Through annual conference sessions, affinity groups, and other organized public offerings, the Flux DWG is committed to maximizing diversity and inclusivity to transform our field for greatest societal impact.


2022 Diversity Working Group  (DWG) Members

  • DWG Co-Chairs – Stefanie Bodison and Jenn Pfeifer
  • Trainee Liaison – Divy Rakesh
  • Board Liaison – Lucina Uddin
  • AG Coordinator – Carlos Cardenas-Iniguez
    • A&A – Maya Rosen and Kate Mills
    • First-Gen – Julia Moser and Marjolein Barendse
    • LGBTQIA – Ethan McCormick
    • BIPOC – Kayla Green
  • Communications Liaison – Chuck Geier
  • Programs Committee Liaison – Kate Mills
  • Conference Planning Lead – Julia Moser


Flux Affinity Groups

Affinity groups are formed around a shared identity or common goal to build community among members of non-dominant groups and to foster inclusion and awareness in the broader community. Flux Society currently has four affinity groups that are led and maintained by current members. All current members are free to join! Affinity Groups regularly meet online and plan to meet during the 2022 Flux Congress.

Would you like to join one of the Flux Affinity Groups?

If you would like to join any of the Flux Affinity groups, please reach out to the relevant contacts to join and complete the associated GoogleForm, or contact anyone listed here!

Affinity Group Coordinator: Carlos Cardenas-Iniguez* (), will be attending remotely

BIPOC Affinity Group

Contacts: Kayla Green
Meeting times: Third Thursday every other month 12pm PT/9pm CEST 
Form to join: email
When/Where to meet during Flux: Stay tuned for an announcement! (Kayla will be there all week)

First-Gen Affinity Group

Contacts: Julia Moser and Marjolein Barendse
Meeting times: Fourth Tuesday on even months at 11am PT/8pm CEST
Form to join: email
When/Where to meet during Flux: Stay tuned for an announcement! (Marjolein and Julia will be there all week)

LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group

Contacts: Ethan McCormick*
Meeting times: First Friday every month (next September 16 after Flux)
Form to join: https://forms.gle/91TLehXUnWpeYEy6A OR email
When/Where to meet during Flux:  Stay tuned for an announcement! (Ethan will be there all week)

Allies and Advocates Affinity Group