CIRCLE Lab at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Name of Supervisor: Margaret Sheridan
Closing date: 3/30/20

Description: Primary responsibility of the post doctoral fellow will be development of a research program which focuses on neural correlates related to psychopathology and adversity exposure. Focus on executive function, emotion reactivity/regulation, or reward learning are ideal. Development of this research program will include:

1. authoring manuscripts using existing datasets including but not limited to the youth emotion study (YES – R01 MH107479) and/or the MAP study (R21 HD096232).

2. Developing novel grant ideas for their future work and

3. Assistance in administration of the Wellness, Health and Life Experiences study (WHALE study R01 MH115004).

For the WHALE study, the postdoctoral fellow will be responsible for helping in supervising up to 5 research assistants who are running a 3 visit study including a visit in participants home, a lab visit, and an MRI visit. Post Docs with clinical training will be asked to engage in risk assessment, mitigation, and reporting to child protective services. If this is an activity of the post-doctoral fellow, these hours may be supervised and count towards licensure. In addition, post-doctoral fellows may directly assist in data collection, particularly during the MRI visit. Finally, the postdoctoral fellow may supervise performance of the necessary data cleaning and analysis for structural and functional MRI data. This will include using the fMRI prep preprocessing pipeline as implemented here at UNC.

The postdoctoral fellow will have a degree in developmental psychology or clinical psychology and experience working with young children. The postdoctoral fellow will be directly supervised by the PI and Co-Investigators.

Please submit letter of interest, CV, and references.